Beth Sprouts Trend; how amulesing!

If you like a charity shop, and boy do I, you will be very excited and I think easily gratified. Mules are coming back, I can just feel it in my bones. I am having a bit of an anti-chain store, anti-fashion magazine moment and have kept myself away for at least six months if not a year, so I am trying to use my subliminal powers of trend forecasting. So I may be wrong. But I will be in them you can count on that.

Mules haunted my early teens, they were very 'in' and yet they felt way to old and just seemed ugly. Maybe now I am of the age they are more appealing. Low healed and easy to air your tootsies. PLUS they were trendy not too long ago so the charity shop are bursting at the seams with them. Truelly a kid in candy store moment.

Wooh I wana be like you Carrie.

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