Beth Sprouts Pondering; guzzle guzzle guzzle

It does strike me as extremely worrying that with a rapidly increasing world population and temperature rises looming (so assuming less farmland available), that it is accepted that meat, clothing and general food should be getting cheaper and cheaper and that each individual has the right to a never ending supply. 

I am pretty sure that with more people, stuff should be harder to come buy. Should we not be rationing? Should we not be buying direct to skip the corporation who will subsidise our greed and increase debts elsewhere. Perhaps try and keep our hard earned individual wealth out of the hands of big business, government and the national debt etc. Keep your money passing locally. Have a meat roast once a month, or less.

It is hard. Everything is so distracting, sales, offers, advertising. If you think you have been using your free will then think again, even if you are trying.

Learn crafts, how to cook, how to sew and repair, how to grow veg in pots, CYCLE. Take your self away from the shops and magazines - you are being dictated to and losing your choice. 

Think first. Buy less. Source better. Keep trying I guess.

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