Beth Sprouts Handmade; Blueberry Pie

Hello, had a wondrous festive period. I love port.
This weekend I attended the first wedding of a school friend. A christmassy/navy theme. I must have picked up on these vibes as I put together a severely colour blocked blue outfit.
The coat is handmade and so are the trousers, both designed by myself.
I added a few sparkles for holiday fun.

(unfortunately photos are from facebook so quality = poor)

Coat Handmade, Trousers Handmade, Necklace Banana Republic, Shirt and Top both Reiss (and still available in the sale!), Shoes also Reiss


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Which came first, egg/hen?

I am sure you will think the same as I did when I was given the theme for a recent hen party - NEON!

And that is, 'How am I going to do this without wearing a tutu or legwarmers.'

I toddled off to the favourite fabric shop and purchased a gorgeous, ahem, 90s surfer style print, and I am sure you will again think the same as I did - 'Jil Sander'!

And here are the results....

Just hanging out with the models...

Wearing; Handmade dress.  Neon beenie with neon net overlay. Glo-sticks. Cocktail. Balloon.


Beth Sprouts; Pine Needles

This is my pet christmas tree. Known cleverly as, wait for this, 'Christmas Tree'.

He is an eco-tree. This is because for the last two years he has grown in a tub in the garden. He comes in for December. He has previously only managed four baubles, but this year, my, look at him! Thousands of baubles! ....ahem


Beth Sprouts Homemade; a partidge and maybe a pear tree

The festive season is upon us!

Here is a snap of a cake from a couple of years ago that surfaced the other day. Thought I'd share it for polar bear giggles. Three bears made by myself, best friend and sister. Suffice to say sister was a little embarassed re. her offering - maybe he just smelled something funny?