Beth Sprouts Swedish(!); Lost in translation

Oh the jollies!
Swedish newspaper headline today - somebody ate too many baked beans in the knicker storage facility...


Beth Sprouts Handmade; arm breeze

My take on mid-season. Do I coat or do I jacket? Who cares!

Sporting hip new accessories - see 'arm party' above.
Also long hair? No.


Beth Sprouts Home-makes; pallet sofa

I think this is my largest usable creation to date. Having seen a pallet bed in a design magazine years and years ago, of a suitably stylish laydee, where her manolo's were displayed between the dusty wooden spaces beneath, I was pleased to trip over one on some blog somewhere maybe two years ago. I have been waiting for the space and the pallet ever since.

Found it. Outside someone's renovation-in-motion house. And gave boyfriend a purple bruise on his drunken hip carrying it home in the dark on his bike. See below.

Here is my hunk-a-junk. I sawed off the end planky bit and then cut out the corner and attached it, well see below. (Hanging around in the distance is our Tomte and 'gnome henge'/'brick henge')

So. Held in place with metal bits with screws in.

We visited the Bristol Wood Recycling Centre yesterday and bought another pallet fo £3, and some planks as I had decided on a design for the back rest involving nothing more difficult than slotting them down the back - genius. Undecided as to whether they will be chopped back a bit.

Then spent 3 solid hours sanding off the gnarly edges - upper body stength is lacking so chance of splinter=high.

In the lounge.

Purchased some garden cushions from ikea. To be covered, but the weather is too nice to do any vehicle based outings.

Ahah! Almost!

Result - comfort undelivered by previous 'iwasastudentandhadtobuyikeascheapestsofa' sofa.


Beth Sprouts Paint; never what they think

I have a few troubles with what I consider one of my most bestest and most mature paintings. Namely that, noone blimmin knows what it is.

Can you see a face?
It aint a face.
Tis a lovely nude kneeling in shadow. Back to the drawing board as it were.


Beth Sprouts Handmade; FAnZ

Maybe summer is here, who can tell, but it deserves a bright two-piece in it's honour.

Have taken these snaps but I think it could do with a touch of accessory umph - I look like a squat grandma.


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Baby. Go!

Having found out I was to be partying hard on the town (ahem) I felt I needed to take a comfortable and practical approach to disco clothing creations.

Meet my - shall we say catsuit - dancing outfit.

Needless to say, cool breezes were experienced with no sweaty areas. And it was acceptable to fall asleep in my clothes.