Beth Sprouts Purchases; Oil Rainbow

So here are my new boots. I have been looking high and low for winter boots, they are troublesome as in my mind they require the following;
1. Thick soles
2. Something interesting (for the 'je ne sais quoi' factor)
3. Room for wooly socks
4. Ankle high for versatility
5. Low heel

Now, these boots tick 4/5, the heel is a touch too high. However, I bought these to look 'nice' with a dress, or smart trousers, so a heel is allowed, wouldn't you say?

Ankle boots by Topshop Unique


Beth Sprouts Handmade; pah to buttons

I was also working on these trousers on the weekend. I have developed a pattern which I can pretty much turn into any style of trouser/shorts etc. just by tweaking the shape/length. And because I have developed it around my own shape it seems to be pretty flattering every time. On my posts it has been the foundation for the curved shorts, the blue houndstooth trousers, the jumpsuit, and now these.

I always try to, when making shirts, make them as low maintenance as I possibly can. So blouse collars, abscence of cuffs, and in this instance it is taken from a man's shirt style so I havn't needed any buttons. I think this gives it a nice minimal look (and minimal effort, yes!)

I love wide leg trousers, again because of ease of wear, so comfortable to get into them after days of leg restriction in skinny's. I have loved the ankle swingers popping up on quite a few of the A/W shows. To be done soon I think!

I actually have strangely un-smelly feet. I suggest buying lots of shoes to combat odours!


Beth Sprouts Handmade; blueberry

Hello. I got bored, so I made a wee coat. I am playing around with curvey shapes, and played around with this, and I don't think I should have... when you pull the arms sideways it is literally - a blueberry.