Beth Sprouts Handmade; knit revolution

It may seem as though I have had a creative block. But, I have been keeping my fingers warm throughout winter by knitting like a crazy person. Wool feels gross in summer FYI. So I have knit up a vest, a cardigan, a large fluffy jumper, a crocheted granny square jumper, a mohair dress, a lilac hat, a thick cardigan and on the go is a grey hat, a top/vest, a mohair cardigan, a yellow crochet skirt.

Phew. They're talking knit revolution, here here! You can find so much on ebay or in charity shops. I mainly make up my own patterns and since I have a penchant for the boxy shapes this is really rather simple. Usually 4 of 5 rectangles sewn together-voila! 

Check out Wool And The Gang for some inspirational modern knitwear.

The joyful thing about yarn is that there is no waste.

I urge you to try, it is long winded but rewarding. If you can't hack tedious knits then choose a big fat needle and big fat yarn. Also, crochet is much more forgiving for beginners.