Beth Sprouts Inspiration; how very dare he!


I have been particularly inspired by those loose luminous waterproof workwear jackets and trousers. Our cleaner at work was sporting a pair of trews the other day and looked fabulous.

I thought, hmm you could silk them up and make them a bit 'luxe'.

Oh well, Ashish has got there first,
the son of a gun...


Beth Sprouts; They're back

(To Jaws Theme) De num, de num, deeee numdenumdenumdenumdenum - ARGHHHH!!! I feel like my mother when I came home with bell bottoms on in the return of the flare in what, 2000-1? 'I used to wear them when I was a teenager, you can't do that'.

But are hipsters, yes hipsters, so bad?

If you remember these pantie crimes, then probably. Cheers Jodie Marsh.

So creeping onto the scene for A/W 13-4...


Alexander Wang


I'm not sure what to think yet, from fear more than anything, that I can remember a time that is now considered vintage, and scared we are 'revisiting' the 90s. How can I revisit - I'm still there baby!


Beth Sprouts Handmade; 3 way

In my feeble little mind I believed this to be truelly revolutionary. One bag - 3 ways! Until. I was poo-pooed by a man.
First way: a simple clutch with large bow
Second way: a shoulder bag turning your clutch into a useful for dancing with bag
Third way: a long strapped bag for chucking over the shoulder in the cycle ride home

But no, apparantly it is one bag, and still silly because you can't fit a laptop or wear it as a rucksac.

Who uses a laptop? It fits an ipad.


Beth Sprouts Handmade; money shot

Ahoy there! A little snap of my first dip into true RTW. My new Jonathan Saunders tee. Plus a handmade red crepe skirt with front tie bow.