Beth Sprouts Inspiration; The Wall

A little collection on my bedroom wall. Notice the bottom corner. This is a note Alexa Chung wrote for my friend when I met her whilst she was still a fledgling fashionista in 2006.


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Dip dye

This t shirt was made from a super soft viscose dip dyed. You can do this in a few different ways but because I am so lazy I simply hung the damp fabric with the lower part fully immersed in the dye. It magically spreads up. Then I used a very square pattern to finish the t shirt (which I guessed).


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Sunny day daisies

A knee length skirt I have put together using vintage charity shop-found fabric (turquoise flowers) and a pair of old curtains from my parents house. The little holes in the centre of the flowers let the yellow canvas peep through.

I left a raw edge and slipped the elastic waist band between the two fabrics (great - no rubbing around the tummy!)


Beth Sprouts Veg; English city gardening

The temperatures are finally manageable for the seedlings I've been growing. The tomatoes and strawberries are in my homemade portable green house (a shoe rack with a plastic cover). I also bought a bigger tomato plant which I've put in a rusty old olive oil tin that I found in the shed. I have included a pic of the table we made in the crazy hot weather in march. Also, check out the veg patch!


Beth Sprouts Inspiration; Heart and soul

A selection of photo's postcards etc. The stunner in all the photo's is my dear mother. Circa 1974.


Beth Sprouts Purchases; Sports sandals

I love the sports/pool sandals by Christopher Kane this season. I have found my own cut price version in Clarks of all places. The thing I love most about Clarks is how unbelievably comfy their shoes are, these are like a dream...


Beth Sprouts Paint; Swimsuit

Painted this with acrylics and then used a great Indian ink pen for the outline. Is a lovely lady from a shoot in ELLE 2002, that could be retro now I guess. Painted in 2012 though...


Beth Sprouts Handmade; C U R V E

I found this great cotton lawn fabric in a charity shop, I think it was around £4. Bargain. I traced the outline of a favourite shirt to make the paper pattern and then adjusted what I needed to.
I haven't made any cuffs as I find them really annoying, so I just kept the sleeves at bracelet level.
 I drew a curve down from the original centre neckline and swept it sideways to create a curved button placket . 


Beth Sprouts Home-makes; ALL THAT GLITTERS

I've had these sparkly objects rattling around in my jewellery box for years. I found them on a rifle through the junk box in an art class when I was probably 15. Stick on earring backings -> beautiful pair of 50s-esque earrings, a la Jil Sander SS12.