Beth Sprouts Inspiration; twin set yahoo

It speaks for itself. We have become at ease with the print on print situation of late. Now let us have an entire wardrobe in monotone. Oh the simplicity.

Thank you Prada, Miu Miu, Erdem.


Beth Sprouts Veg; How d'ya like them apples

We was shaking them trees up y'all. And all the little apples fell right off. Makes the bigguns get biggerer. Fact.


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Crochetathon

Here is the long awaited for (ahem), jumper (ahem), that you saw me crocheting a few weeks ago.

Well, it's a bit more than a jumper. I was a little shocked by the length and clearly had just run away with myself.

However. It is superly A/W 2012. See Marc Jacobs and Prada.

Ahh velveteen.

                                                                      Action shot....


Beth Sprouts Handmade; duvet day part two

I try to design my own patterns, but these crazy fellas from acne are so simple it just had to be plagiarised.

Creating - a paisley two piece. Hurrah!

Beth Sprouts Handmade; Duvet day

A challenging garment this...10 steps

1. Buy an old duvet cover from favourite North Walian charity shop.
2. Almost knock yourself and every other customer over in fabric shop carrying enormous roll of wadding.
3. Get a bit told off for doing this by shop assistants.
4. Design Pattern.
5. Cut this out in duvet fabric, cream lining and wadding.
6. Create quilt by machine sewing around paisley shapes.
7. Sew all seams 'french-style'. Good grief.
9. Get told you are wearing a dressing gown/receive funny looks.
10. So worth it.


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Hammer

I made this short silver dress from vintage fabric in oooh, 2008. It was a night out staple. Not seen much wear of late as it is teeny tiny. However - lets take a peek at Dior Haute Couture by Jil Sander's now-ex Raf. Ahah a new use!


Beth Sprouts Inspiration: pastels

Photos snipped from a mag - solange knowle's flared armed shirt is a must try...watch this space


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Matching

Remember the trousers I made in the one-wear only outfit (turns out I have worn it lots). Now got a matching jacket! Still to put on some hidden poppers...