Beth Sprouts Purchases; Africa! Africa!

I busied myself with Brisfest last weekend, the new version of Ashton Court Festival. Went last year and drank too much cider and it is known in our household as 'Fightfest'. Nuff said.

On the Sunday I was taking things easy, my head was a little heavy, so to make myself feel better I did a little retail therapy. A shop called The Feather Tree had a stall there, I think they mainly aim to sell their feather hair extensions at festivals, but they also had lots of lovely simple pieces made from African fabrics. Well, you gotta love an African print, and it is more accessible these days with things like ASOS africa etc. They work with a guy in Kenya, buy the fabric second hand and then pay him for each piece he makes, so that he can benefit directly.

I'd check it out because at the moment tops are a tenner...but obviously I am not supporting cheap cheap clothing, but still you can't deny a bargain!

P.S there are boys clothes too!


Beth Sprouts Handmade; diory me!

Look Look! Raf must be an avid Beth Sprouts reader after seeing my rendition of his paisley excellences. Dior SS14 - featuring a 'curve shirt'. As seen here in May 2012...you heard it here first right? 

 Photo courtesy of style.com


Beth Sprouts; How Now Brown Cow

Fixed in my memory of childhood disgust was the 80s VW golf with the odd bug eyed headlights. Boy it seemed so very dated. Funnily enough I now find them uber-hip and would love a soft top. I digress, the other cause for complaint as a 7 year old was the - brown car. Much like below.

Mmm tempting, no? Dunked in poo. 

That's what we thought anyway. 

Well hold on to your hats general public - you will soon be coaxed into the new generation of sewage coloured vehicles! Yippee!

The above fiesta has now become.....
Ooooohhh Aaaahhhh I hear you cry.

Well here's some more eye candy for you wide eyed fans. A new world has opened for you hasn't it?