Beth Sprouts Veg; poTATOES!

Today we had the first courgette from the garden. It was so amazing I couldn't help but have a dig around in my wee potato patch. Lo and behold! Potatoes! So I just boiled em up and it's salad for lunch tomorrow...not my favourite-but they are my tuber babies so I will have a go.


Beth Sprouts Home-makes; Paper lanterns

These classics are made from cheap paper shades with budget printer paper. Can be a bit of a fire hazard...


Beth Sprouts Veg; Freaks

This is so cerazy it's worthy of a post...the triplets turned into banana bread.



Beth Sprouts Handmade; Think Pink

Bit tired today. Phew. Rum and ginger beer.
Two home makes; Skull T-shirt, fairly hilarious
                              Inspired by Stella

Photo courtesy of Man repeller. Shoes by the old favourites Clarks.


Beth Sprouts Outfit; Complete

I often find that when I go shopping I tend to buy something and then see other things that will match that something, and end up with a new outfit. The only problem is is that I find it very difficult to wear the same outfit twice so the likelihood of me wearing this new combo is small...

I found the shoes in Kurt Geiger, then saw the shirt in Gap. I was walking down a road and saw the bag in their window and read the label which said 23.99, when I went in to have a look I realised it was a charity shop and it was actually £3.99 - bargain! Paid a visit to my favourite fabric shop and bought the fabric for these trouser which I've spent the afternoon making. And there we have it - a complete outfit!


Beth Sprouts Home-makes; Snaps

We were off to a birthday party this weekend and last minute decided we should probably bring a little pressie. With the boyfriend being Swedish and it is almost the summer solstice we decided on a quick fix Midsommarsnaps. Recipe is: Big bottle of vodka, 4 spriggs of dill, lemon peel (if you can get it into a twisty shape - the better!) and a tablespoon of runny honey.


Beth Sprouts Purchases; bananas

I've gone 'bananas' for this chain. Just a little fella I found in Topshop. Most likely a reference to this wonderful Miss Prada.


Beth Sprouts Outfit; PIXEL

I made this shirt based on sort of a pyjamas for daytime idea. There is a matching pair of shorts but as the sun has not been out much I thought I would hide the horror of my pasty legs. Loving the squat pose...

These are my new babies which will hopefully get worn, but it has been pointed out that I am seen in heels less and less frequently. Sadly, it is true...

Anyway, they are Preen by ALDO Rise and were HALF PRICE, yes!!


Beth Sprouts Handmade; Jubilations

I made my small dedications to the Queen Lizzie's jubilee. Blue stripes? There's the dip-dyed tshirt above... (also Topshop cardigan and belt, Zara highwaisted trousers)

And here's my newest creation - flowery pyjama fabric dungarees...
 (also homemade shirt, Clarks sandals - see previous post, and Whistles silver bracelet)
I found this grey Mac in a charity shop. Chopped off the sleeves and sewed on some new ones, which was an old curtain. This was all the rage in pretty much all seasons in 2011, I think I reconstucted it last summer because a raincoat was a necessity. Looks like it is set to be the same this year... (also Gap cardigan, All Saints tassled bag, and Zara trousers)

Cold weather never fails to put me in the mood for crocheting. I bought some hand dyed wool in Skye in October and they've been sat in the bag since. They should soon be a stripey oversized jumper... (also, my terribly painted nails with new No.7 nail varnish - in Me! Me! Me! and Betty Blues)