Beth Sprouts Handmade; me and my teddy bear

So here is my 'fairtrade' creation.

A pair of saggy bottomed cerise velvet overalls. I have already washed the car in them, of course. The little ted was a gift from my mum a few years ago, it is amazing the colour is exactly the same! And amazing how I managed to get such a teddy bear shaped rear view on the overalls.

The little clutch bag is of the same fabric, with a contrasting blue zip. You can't see it, but it is lined with a lovely liberty fabric remnant. NOW, I am pretty sure I have somewhere in my sketchbooks from a few years ago a design for the bag - which I never made - and then of course Celine has gone and done it.

I should also mention the T-shirt is also fairtrade - I have made two striped shirts with this pattern. I love it. Very airy, and there's something a bit more interesting about a T-shirt not made from jersey.

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