Beth Sprouts Purchases; Everybody's gone surfin'

Today is a special day. I am celebrating 27 years on the planet. YIPPEE!

These 1970s platforms are a small gift to myself. I saw them last week in a charity shop window display - and thought 'Holy Moly!' this piece of history must be mine! And luckily no one else had had such an epiphany and they were still in the shop - Phew!

More importantly they are in excellent condition and very comfortable, still there is room for twisted ankles, oh yes there is.

Around my neck like a medal commemorating my 27 years, is a wonderful carved apple wood pineapple. Pineapples being my new obsession. Not to eat of course. This was lovingly worked on by my hubby. Cheers Darl'.

Whilst in said charity shop this shirt called out to me. It has been darned a little here and there, and I am quite convinced it would have been a surfer dude's, playing his uke on the sand.

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