Beth Sprouts Purchases; Who likes long shorts

So I would love to think our minds are changing in relation to cheap cheap unethical or questionably ethical clothing, but alas alack, I don't. The same with anything like organic or locally sourced etc., a cohort of people choose to think about it and try their best to change but it is a definite minority. It is hard.

The funny thing is that it is so difficult to find things on the high street that make you look a little different now, it changes so fast and everyone catches on to things so quickly, especially with social media. To try and stay 'ahead' you would need to buy a LOT and then of course, it needs to be cheap.

My new little 'ethos' now I am a bit older and have experimented with style already is to;
1. Save up for very nice well made items (that are either wow out there, or very subtle )
2. Make the on-trend, or what I feel is on trend, pieces myself
3. Keep things for longer and thus HAVE to make sure that they are useful and will survive the cut throat world of the wardrobe
4. Still dip into vintage and charity shops
5. Buy from companies that have a bit more about them

So this year I wanted a pair of  board shorts, hip and cool, we will all be in them by 2016...or maybe 2015.
I picked up a leaflet on a market stall in Bristol for Continent Clothing, they work directly with the tailors so that they take a good income from the garments and the prices are still really really inexpensive - how could you choose Primani over that!
 Purple hands shorts £20, made by Allagi - thats the name of the guy who physically made them.

OR if you have the big bucks

  Ostwald Helgason 2013 £338

So yep, I chose the purple hands!


  1. Thank You very much, you have made my day. Its so nice to see such positive feedback. Lucas (from Continent Clothing)

  2. No problem! Thank you for my lovely shorts (and a pair of trousers too, couldn't help myself!) and for your efforts in fair prices and fair payment :)