Beth Sprouts; The Tides are Turning

Ooh Interesting. Things are changing. We are only at the start mind, so who knows where we will end up. But we soon shall possibly be - educated consumers. No more questions on 'why is this so expensive' compared to something else. We will know exactly why! We will make more informed choices about clothing.

I took a short course this weekend; starting your own fashion label at UAL. Golly, it was so nice to be talking about and listening about something you are actually interested in.

Our lecturer highlighted the label honest by. the first transparent company. This means when browsing the site you can take it at face value, orrr look in detail at each product. You find out the cost of the thread, the mark-ups and reasons for these, the carbon foot print. The carbon footprint shocked me, it is mad how much energy goes into making one garment. Think of this, and then think about chucking something you have worn once in the bin - maddening!

You then have to think - how on earth did my t-shirt cost me £2. Where have they cheated someone? I have heard that large retail companies can take 95% of that £2 - so what on earth does the 10p do?

Another interesting label with a similar manifesto has just been on style bubble. So have a read of that and then maybe have a look at the online stores.

If you can't buy, at least you can learn.

I'll have a go now. 

Fabric - £12/metre - used 1.5 metres

Thread - Cath Kidston, free as it was a christmas present

Design, pattern cutting - free as it is me, but can be charged in the industry £22.50/hour - 4 hours 

Seamstress - free as it is me, but can be charged anywhere from £8-£18/hour - 2 hours

I can't comment on much more, but it could be room rental, electricity costs etc

So my outfit = £124 - good grief! 

Mark-up for retail X3 = £372

There we have it; matching top and shorts, yours for £372 

I can see the customers rolling in!

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