Beth Sprouts; How Now Brown Cow

Fixed in my memory of childhood disgust was the 80s VW golf with the odd bug eyed headlights. Boy it seemed so very dated. Funnily enough I now find them uber-hip and would love a soft top. I digress, the other cause for complaint as a 7 year old was the - brown car. Much like below.

Mmm tempting, no? Dunked in poo. 

That's what we thought anyway. 

Well hold on to your hats general public - you will soon be coaxed into the new generation of sewage coloured vehicles! Yippee!

The above fiesta has now become.....
Ooooohhh Aaaahhhh I hear you cry.

Well here's some more eye candy for you wide eyed fans. A new world has opened for you hasn't it?

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