Beth Sprouts; grunge bla bla kurt bla bla

Hmm. So grunge returns. I guess it all does! But now I am old enough to remember a style which is inspiring high end and street style. But you can't do new grunge. Really, you can't! We are consumers now, we don't wear our dad's shirts till they die, or second hand till that dies too. We wear our dad's shirt whilst it's 'in' and use charity shops to buy vintage representing the new trend of the season. Then it goes back where it came from. Or that's my experience at least.

Grunge wasn't for clean tidy people working in high flying jobs. It's all lies now!!!

Anyway. I found myself in a vintage summer dress, supporting hot weather since 2007. And my garden clogs, whilst I watered the plants. And then noticed if I put on my hand knitted cardie that was lying around in the kitchen, hey presto I am nu-grunge! Funnily enough the man of the house said, 'Ooph you look really hipster'.

It's not for me but here is my chance deviation into nu-grunge

Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent AW 13

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