Beth Sprouts Purchases; gentlemanly

This endless winter meant I was running out of shoe choices - you can't wear snow boots for three months...so it got me thinking, what did people wear in the early and middle of the last century, before we were 'consumers'. Ah! Brogues! The working mans shoes, bought to last a lifetime and be easily repairable. Imagine sending something back to high street shops to have the seams mended? Never.
Anyway, I wanted to get a pair of good quality Brogues, made by a reputable company, and made in Britain. Well I found these babies and I could not recommend them enough! By Grenson, so they are fab quality and designed to last. On another plus note, the service was fantastic and they arrived in 24 hours.
The thick soles add a little fashion twist and they meant my toes have been toastie.

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