Beth Sprouts Trend; it's furverted

Well I don't know what's gotten into designers for AW13-14...it all seems a bit furverted. I know furs are a classic winter warmer, although not in the beth sprouts wardrobe, but it's on everything. Furry knickers anyone?

See below, ranging from Simone Rocha to Prada, Christopher Kane etc. Main culprit is certainly Marni. Also included some feathers for good measure.


  1. I just wrote a long comment but it got deleted. Lets try again.
    Liking the furry animal pics for good measure
    Your wardrobe has a furry fox collar doesnt it?

  2. I don't know if it is fox, but yes, I have the little stole. It feels like I 'stole' it for the mere 50p it cost (or thereabouts)!

    1. it was 50p. I remember you skipped through the door delighted!