Beth Sprouts; Die Wardrobe Die!!

Wardrobe culling eh? I think I am a slave to the cull more often than I think. After buying everything I could get my hands on be it sales/vintage/charity shop when I was a poor wee student, I have had to send quite a few clothes packing every season. I think simply we just change and style changes, particularly when you are 'finding yourself'. But I imagine after 25 our style is more permanent. But even if not and we are jn constant flux, these clothes must die! so our new look can roll on in.

But I do think, nice fabrics last, trends do not. Let us invest in well made classics. Shall we allow ourselves a few trendy items, yes! Then these can be culled for the next ones.

And remember one man's junk is another man's amazing find.

P.S be brave with sentimentals, i.e. handmade scarves, shoes you wore when you were sixteen. Someone will love 'em

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